NYS&W Railway Northern Division Pictorial- Blodgett Mills

Pictures are in date order.    

September 20, 2014 Amtrak comes to Blodgett Mills!  Engine 44 leads a private passenger train north through the village enroute to New England from Chicago. Joshua K. Blay
July 5, 2009 3014 at the point of BHX on their way south during a holiday weekend. Joshua K. Blay
July 14, 2004 CSX detour train Q156 heads south just after a storm. Joshua K. Blay

March 28, 2004

The first "Maple Leaf Express" of the day passes by with 3012, 6 cars, and the 3040.

Joshua K. Blay

January 6, 2004 BH3, headed for Cortland. Eric Robb

February 26, 2002

4006 and 3612 pass through headed north for Cortland and Homer.

Joshua K. Blay