NYS&W Railway Northern Division Pictorial- Greene

Pictures are in date order. 

April 8, 2007 Looking north towards Norwich and Utica.  No train in the past ten months.  Ironically, this was taken within a week of the 50th anniversary of the last train of the NYO&W which had more of presence (e.g. yards and shops in Norwich) in Chenango County then the Lackawanna did at that time.  Now the former Lackawanna route might share the same fate. Joshua K. Blay
July 8, 2004 UT1 heading north past the depot. Eric Robb

March 19, 2003 Whose railroad is this?  BH1 pauses, lead by leased GP38-3 BAR 360. Joshua K. Blay

March 19, 2003 BH1 heads north, passing the former Lackawanna passenger depot, now an antiques shop. Joshua K. Blay

March 19, 2003 A friendly wave from the conductor on BH1. Joshua K. Blay

August 12, 2002

BH-1 with 2066 passes through Greene, just north of the DL&W depot.

Joshua K. Blay

July 1990

Freshly repainted 3006 northbound, freight house in the background was torn down.

Doug Ellison