NYS&W Railway Northern Division Pictorial Homer

Pictures are in date order.

September 20, 2014 Amtrak 44 leads a private passenger train north past the dormant siding formerly used for GLF and Agway. Joshua K. Blay
July 18, 2014 CSX 290 leads a detour train between the former freight house and passenger station. Joshua K. Blay
December 21, 2013 The warm air and the snow make for a foggy view of this southbound just north of the village. Joshua K. Blay
March 17, 2012 St. Patrick's day local heading south after going to Syracuse to exchange cars. Joshua K. Blay
November 24, 2009 CSX 2624 leads BHX through Homer shortly before Thanksgiving. Joshua K. Blay
May 23, 2009 3010 leads a northbound over the newly repaved Clinton Street crossing. Joshua K. Blay
October 28, 2007 First the good news.  The on/off service at the Homer Oil is back on.  Three hoppers await pickup. Joshua K. Blay
October 28, 2007 Now the bad news.  Tank car GATX 20455 is reported as the last car to be delivered to Henkel.   Rail served customers at this location date back to the Brockway Carriage Company.  Henkel (formerly R.H. Miler/Athochem) soon closed.  This may have been the longest active siding on the line. Joshua K. Blay
April 7, 2007 3636 leads 3018 and 3618 south.  On the left is now closed Homer Oil, once Sheffield Milk.  Originally there were two double ended sidings to service the plant.  After the dairy last shipped milk by the rail in the 1960s, the tracks were removed.  A stub end siding was reinstalled in the 1980s for soybean delivery.  Joshua K. Blay
July 3, 2006 A very early morning view of the passenger station while waiting for a train. Joshua K. Blay
July 3, 2006 Southbound SYX, a detoured D&H 252, disturbs the peace of a very early summer morning.  Disastrous floods have damaged railroads in the area, and the NYS&W is hosting the D&H for awhile. Joshua K. Blay
July 23, 2005 CL1 with another CSX train. Joshua K. Blay
May 29, 2005 This year's detour trains started early.  CEFX 3125 is south through Homer at twilight with Q156. Joshua K. Blay
May 29, 2005


Q156 passing by Homer's former Lackawanna passenger station.  The original wood station, built for the Syracuse & Binghamton Railroad, still exists in the village as a private residence.  This brick station was built in the early 1900s. Joshua K. Blay
August 4, 2004 BH2 with what was thought to be the last detour of Q156 of the year.  There were to be other detours later in the year due to derailments on CSX . Joshua K. Blay
July 11, 2004 Almost every summer since the CR split, the NYS&W has hosted CSX trains detouring around track work projects on the former NYC east of Syracuse.  Lead by an AC4400CW in the new dark blue scheme, Q156 crosses James Street. Tim Wakeman
June 27, 2004 Lead by a leased engine, BH2 temporarily divides Cayuga Street and the village in half as it heads south. Joshua K. Blay

May 13, 2004

SY1 with a high/wide stopped to check clearance a bridge north of Hooker Ave. Joshua K. Blay

May 13, 2004

Headed south at Hooker Ave. Joshua K. Blay
May 5, 2004 116 running around its train after switching Henkle. Joshua K. Blay
March 28, 2004 The "Maple Leaf Express" passes through, bound for Cortland and Marathon.  3040 was on the other end. Joshua K. Blay

March 7, 2004 3014 and 3040 head south past the former DL&W passenger station, now the village police headquarters. Joshua K. Blay


September 15, 2003


BH1 passing the gravel pits north of the village. Joshua K. Blay

October 24, 2002 SY1 with 3634, 3002, and 4008 pass through Homer shortly after noon.  3002, an old C430 number, is an ex SP/UP "tunnel motor." Joshua K. Blay

October 24, 2002 The "new" 3002 was renumbered 3010 soon after.  Four ex SP's were purchased to replace/augment the B408s and SD45s. Joshua K. Blay

August 19, 2001

A rare sighting, P&W 3001 is on the rear of 4 SD45s switching in Homer.

Joshua K. Blay

December 30, 2000

CSXT 7543 leads Q271 north through the village.  The bridge trains ended in early 2001.

Joshua K. Blay

January 3, 2000

With stack trains gone, the NYS&W hosted CSX bridge trains following the CR split. A CSX GP402 and SD402 lead BHX past the former DL&W station. 

Joshua K. Blay

January 1999

St.L&H 5447 leads an SD45 on a NB stack train, crossing James St.

Joshua K. Blay

April 1994

120, a former B&O SW9, in the Homer Oil siding, formerly the Sheffield Milk Plant.

Joshua K. Blay

July 21, 1984

Susquehanna's acquisition of the Lackawanna line brought about a resurgence in freight traffic, and for a number of years passenger excursion service.  While many trips used trackage in Homer to run around their trains, this is believed to be the only trip to board in Homer.  C-430 3008 hauled a train to Tully and return in conjunction with the annual Holiday in Homer.  That's your website author standing to the right of the engine.

Stephen Blay