NYS&W Railway Northern Division Pictorial- Jamesville

Pictures are in date order.    

October 24, 2002 SY1 heads south with 3634, 3002, and a B40-8. Joe Geronimo
April 30, 2004 BH3 with LLPX 2805 and 3012 is about to set off ex LV/D&H VLIX 2064 with an ex NYC GP, lettered for Chicago Rail Link. Joshua K. Blay
April 30, 2004 BH3 passing 2064, now running. Joshua K. Blay


April 30, 2004 Ex Lehigh Valley/Delaware & Hudson Railway #408 idling as BH3 passes.  This unit operated on the Syracuse Branch in the 1970s on a Lehigh detour train. Joshua K. Blay