NYS&W Railway Northern Division Pictorial- Killawog

Pictures are in date order.


September 20, 2014 Three Amtrak engines lead a private passenger train through the village on a Saturday morning.  The train was run in conjunction with a convention of the American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners.  Joshua K. Blay
September 20, 2014 There's a very appropriate car in the train.  The B&O paint on the Federal is deceiving- this car was originally a  DL&W business car and would have travelled this line often during the Lackawanna era. Joshua K. Blay
September 20, 2014 Georgia 300 brings up the rear of the train. Joshua K. Blay
September 2, 2007 3010 leads a train north past the mills, a railroad customer into the 1980s.

Joshua K. Blay

February 26, 2002

4006 and 3612 pass through northbound to do work in Cortland and Homer.  4006 was later sold the to Providence & Worcester Railway, and 3612 was scrapped.

Joshua K. Blay

November 17, 1995 BH1 is southbound with a passenger extra. Joe Geronimo