NYS&W Railway Northern Division Pictorial- Little York

Pictures are in date order.

November 22, 2014 BH1 heads north, lead by a brace of the now common SD60s. Joshua K. Blay
September 20, 2014 A rare private passenger train from Chicago to New England via Binghamton and Syracuse passes through. Joshua K. Blay
March 17, 2012 A northbound skirts the farms on a foggy St. Patrick's Day. Joshua K. Blay
November 24, 2009 Leased power leads a southbound past one of the many dairy farms throughout the valley. Joshua K. Blay
July 23, 2005 CSX 754 with an early morning CSX detour train. Joshua K. Blay
July 23, 2005 Later that same day, WC 7058 leads a Illinois Central unit and an NYS&W SD45 north with another CSX detour train. Joshua K. Blay
August 1, 2004 BHX with  3012 passing corn south of Little York. Joshua K. Blay

July 7, 2004

SB detour train Q156 passing through.

Joshua K. Blay

May 13, 2004 SY1 with a high/wide just south of the village. Joshua K. Blay

March 28, 2004 The "Maple Leaf Express" passes through from Syracuse, headed for Cortland and Marathon. Joshua K. Blay

February 8, 2004 3012 leads a SB between Little York and Homer. Joshua K. Blay

December 26, 2001

4002 leads SY1 over Little York Crossing in the early afternoon.

Joshua K. Blay