NYS&W Railway Northern Division Pictorial

This webpage is a pictorial of the Syracuse & Utica branches, today operated by the New York, Susquehanna, and Western Railway Corp.  Originally operated by the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western and later Erie Lackawanna, the lines were sold in 1983 by Conrail to the Delaware Otsego Corp. which today operates it as the Northern Division of the NYS&W.  The Utica side between Greene and Sherburne was heavily damaged by flooding in 2006.  The Utica Branch is currently is use between Utica and Sangerfield- service to Sherburne is very rare and the line betweeen Chenango Forks and Sherburne may be abandoned.  The rails remain in place for now and some hope remains- stay tuned.

Syracuse 271.16
Jamesville 264.50
Apulia 251.69

Tully 249.10

Preble 244.44

Little York 241.66

Homer 237.39

Cortland 234.72

Cincinnatus Branch

Blodgett Mills 231.15


Messengerville 224.85

Marathon 220.95

Killawaog 217.90

Lisle 214.35

Whitney Point 212.11

Itaska 208.22

Utica 286.86

Clayville 275.79
(Incl. Cassville/Paris Station)

Richfield Springs Junction 273.32

East Hamilton

Sangerfield 264.20  


Earlville 249.11

Sherburne 244.00

North Norwich 238.50

Norwich 232.90

Oxford 224.76

Coventry 220.00

Robinson Mills

Brisben 216.65

Greene 210.77

Chenango Forks 202.78

Chenango Bridge 196.90

Port Dickinson 193.40

Binghamton 190.72


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