NYS&W Railway Northern Division Pictorial- Sherburne

Pictures are in date order.

June 13, 1997 Morristown & Erie C-430 #17 on BH-1. Joe Georonimo

August 12, 2002 BH-1 with 2066 has just crossed Rt. 23 a little ways south of Sherburne.  The crew has plenty of time to take in the rolling hills of upstate NY as they observe the 10 MPH speed restriction all the way from Chenango Forks. Joshua K. Blay

August 12, 2002

BH-1 with 2066 switches in the early afternoon just south of the Rt. 80 crossing.

Joshua K. Blay

December 6, 2002 1802 spent a snowy night in Sherburne and is waiting for the crew of UT-1 to arrive in Sherburne. Joshua K. Blay

December 6, 2002 UT-1 has just arrived on 2064 and is seen moving to the 1802.  BH-1 will arrive shortly after and board 2064. Joshua K. Blay

December 6, 2002 BH-1 pulls their train south so that UT-1 can head north.  BH-1 had 5 Timber Train coaches bound for Santa trains in NJ and and Budd car M-8 headed for Syracuse. Joshua K. Blay

May 10, 2003 1804 with 3010 and a GP-20 awaiting a crew before heading south. Joshua K. Blay

February 17, 2004

BH-1 with 3040 and 3016 switching.

Eric Robb