NYS&W Northern Division Pictorial- Tully

Pictures are in date order.    

November 24, 2009 Southbound train a few days before Thanksgiving. Joshua K. Blay

July 23, 2005 An early morning NB CSX detour train lead by CSX 754. Joshua K. Blay

June 14, 2004 A maintainer pauses in his duties as NB BHWX crossing Cummings Road. Joshua K. Blay

May 13, 2004 SY1 with a high/wide waiting for BH1. Joshua K. Blay

May 13, 2004 BH1 passing SY1. Joshua K. Blay

May 13, 2004 Headed south, just about the pass the depot.  The high/wide is an 800 ton transformer. Joshua K. Blay

May 13, 2004 Just south of Tully. Joshua K. Blay

December 26, 2001

SY1 with all the 8-40Bs and an SD45 in the middle just north of the village in the mid-afternoon. Joshua K. Blay

August 1995

142 and Milwaukee 261 in Tully.

Joshua K. Blay

August 1995 

The 142 and I.

Gilbert Blay

August 1995

Grandad and 142. Joshua K. Blay