NYS&W Railway Northern Division Pictorial- Utica

Pictures are in date order.

May 22, 1982 The short lived C420 #2000 by the freight house, before the shops were built. Doug Ellison

April, 1984 3002 and 25 just behind the freight house. Tim Wakeman

? 120 on a rare outing leaves the shops to service customers around the city. Shawn Noe

October 2, 1998 2402 with an excursion on Schuyler Street. Shawn Noe

? Before being reactivated F45 3636 was stored at the shops for a number of years.  Here she is collecting snow. Shawn Noe

? 3000 and 3006 inside FX Matts brewery while delivering a car load of malt. Shawn Noe

? 3000 and 3006 head back to the shops. Shawn Noe

Spring 1998 A newly shopped 142 waits outside the shops for a load of coal. Shawn Noe

? One of the 3 engines on the roster original to the railroad, 1800 has a bent pilot due to a collision with her own train in New Jersey.  She was returned to service in July 2004. Shawn Noe

October 2003

Freshly repainted 3012 outside the shops.  Sister 3016 was later repainted and became the last unit painted at the shops.

Al Gorney

June 18, 2005 Leased U23Bs on the New Hartford Industrial.  272 miles to Weehawken, NJ on the old NYO&W.  In a real case of "you can't get there from here" the O&W was abandoned in 1958, these two miles are about all that's left- some would argue that the O&W didn't really go anywhere anyways!

Al Gorney

January 11, 2006 UT1 leaves Utica with a surprise! Al Gorney
January 11, 2006 The F45 is back!  3636 has been repaired after being OOS for more than five years.  With a new prime mover, she's all set. Al Gorney