Railroad Websites by Joshua K. Blay

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Pictorial history of ex Burlington Northern Railway SD45s and F45s made by General Motors and purchased by the NYS&W in the 1980s.  These engines were among the most distinctively painted of their type.
Lehigh Valley Railroad Remains
A site that documents what remains of the Lehigh Valley Railroad in upstate New York more than thirty years after the last train.

LV/D&H GP38-2 Pictorial

Colorful history of a dozen locomotives built by General Motors for the Lehigh Valley Railroad, which were transferred to the D&H in April 1976. 
NYS&W Northern Division Pictorial
Come along as we examine the former Lackawanna Syracuse & Utica railroad lines north out of Binghamton, NY, operated today by the New York, Susquehanna, and Western Railway Corp.
DO/NYSW Passenger Cars
Roster of passenger equipment operated by the DO Corporation and the DO era of the NYS&W.

Surviving D&H Rolling Stock

This frequently updated website keeps track of the engines, freight cars, cabooses and other equipment that exist today after they left the D&H.